Dear Friend,

Like many of you, I’m also a good learner.

I started learning the fundamentals at a Government School in Chennai.

Due to my passion in Physics & lower marks in my 12th Grade, I did B.Sc. (Physics) from a Government aided college in Chennai affiliated to University of Madras & started learning the subject from Prof. R. Ananthan – the founder of The Physics Society – on Sundays. [i.e. he was not working in my college].

Then I started learning Automobile Engineering concepts from MIT, Anna University, Chennai where I obtained my B.Tech. degree.

During my college days, I learned “how to learn” from Prof. Ananthan – which helps me even today.

In 1997, after my B.Tech., when I joined Infosys, I learned that I should get rid of my “ego, pride & arrogance about my knowledge” after looking at my Infosys batch-mates who were much better than me in every aspect.

From 1997 to 2006, through Infosys, I learned several things – starting from “Ethics” and “Values”.

By working with many Infosys’ customers (like Cisco, Proximus, Belgacom Mobile, China Mobile, Microsoft, Rhapsody Networks, etc) I learned Telecom & Datacom domain; C, C++, VC++, ASP, .NET, Java; CMMi Processes, Project Management, Program Management etc. By visiting Austin, TX; Seattle, WA; Changsha, China and Brussles, Belgium – I learned different cultures in the world.

In 2006, I learned some basics of Retail domain through Cognizant customers.

During my short stint in MindTree in 2007, I learned some basic concepts of Travel & Hospitality industry. By visiting Chicago,IL I learned more about USA after 9/11.

From June 2007 to September 2010, I learnt the basics of Entrepreneurship through my 1st company HomePlanGuru.com, I learnt about Busines Plan, Accounting, Marketing, Website Development, Google Apps, Sketchup, Networking, etc. I also learned some basics of Business Administration through Alagappa University & got a MBA degree.

Now I’m learning many new things from my 2nd start-up idea: www.Kart.La The idea of Kart.La is to bring all Local Area businesses online.


Virupakshan Krishnamoorthi
Founder & CEO

VIRUPA@Kart.La | +91-9840-VIRUPA