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Welcome to the Pazhavanthangal page on Kart.La!

Pazhavanthangal (also spelt as Palavanthangal) is very accessible from the airport and train hubs. New transportation modes like the Chennai Metro also are coming up. One of the older areas in Chennai!

Browse all the shops in and around Pazhavanthangal across different categories:

AC Fridge Repairs & Spares in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalAC Fridge Repairs & Spares
Advocate in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalAdvocate
Agency & A-to-Z Services in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalAgency & A-to-Z Services
Apparels, Readymades & Textiles in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalApparels, Readymades & Textiles
Architects in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalArchitects
Auto Stand in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalAuto Stand
Automobile Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalAutomobile Shop
Baby Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalBaby Shop
Bags in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalBags
Bakery, Sweets and Snacks in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalBakery, Sweets and Snacks
Battery in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalBattery
Beauty Parlour and Spa in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalBeauty Parlour and Spa
Bedding in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalBedding
Biryani Center in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalBiryani Center
Book Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalBook Shop
Browsing Center in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalBrowsing Center
Builders in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalBuilders
Building Materials in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalBuilding Materials
Butcher Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalButcher Shop
Call Taxi & Travels in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalCall Taxi & Travels
Car Wash in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalCar Wash
Carpenter in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalCarpenter
Catering in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalCatering
Coconut Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalCoconut Shop
Coffee & Tea Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalCoffee & Tea Shop
Coffee Powder in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalCoffee Powder
Computer Sales & Service in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalComputer Sales & Service
Corporate Gifts in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalCorporate Gifts
Country Drugs in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalCountry Drugs
Courier in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalCourier
Cycle Sales & Repair in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalCycle Sales & Repair
Dental Clinic in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalDental Clinic
Diagnostic Lab in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalDiagnostic Lab
Driving School in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalDriving School
Electricals & Electronics in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalElectricals & Electronics
Electrician & Plumber in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalElectrician & Plumber
Engineering Works in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalEngineering Works
Event Items Rentals in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalEvent Items Rentals
Fancy Store in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalFancy Store
Flour Mill & Rice Mill in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalFlour Mill & Rice Mill
Flower Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalFlower Shop
Footwear in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalFootwear
Fruit Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalFruit Shop
Furniture Rental in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalFurniture Rental
Furnitures in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalFurnitures
General Repair Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalGeneral Repair Shop
Glass and Plywoods in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalGlass and Plywoods
Gold Covering in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalGold Covering
Grocery, Provisions & General Store in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalGrocery, Provisions & General Store
Guest House in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalGuest House
Gym in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalGym
Helmets & Seat Covers in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalHelmets & Seat Covers
Home Appliances in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalHome Appliances
Hospitals and Clinics in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalHospitals and Clinics
Hotel, Restaurant & Fast Food in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalHotel, Restaurant & Fast Food
Idly Dosa Batter Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalIdly Dosa Batter Shop
Insect Screens in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalInsect Screens
Interior Decoration in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalInterior Decoration
Jewelry Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalJewelry Shop
Juice, Cool Drinks & Ice cream in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalJuice, Cool Drinks & Ice cream
Laundry, Ironing & Dry Cleaners in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalLaundry, Ironing & Dry Cleaners
Library in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalLibrary
LIC & Insurance in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalLIC & Insurance
Lock Smith in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalLock Smith
Magazine & Newspaper Mart in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalMagazine & Newspaper Mart
Mandapam in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalMandapam
Medical & Drugs Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalMedical & Drugs Shop
Milk Center in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalMilk Center
Mobile Recharge & Accessories in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalMobile Recharge & Accessories
Mobile Showroom in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalMobile Showroom
Modular Kitchen in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalModular Kitchen
Musical Instruments in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalMusical Instruments
Nursery in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalNursery
Office in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalOffice
Oil Store in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalOil Store
Optical Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalOptical Shop
Organic Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalOrganic Shop
Others in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalOthers
Pet Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalPet Shop
Photo Studio, Videography & Colour Lab in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalPhoto Studio, Videography & Colour Lab
Photos & Frames Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalPhotos & Frames Shop
Plastics Store in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalPlastics Store
Play School in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalPlay School
Pooja Materials in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalPooja Materials
Printing, Offsetting and Binding in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalPrinting, Offsetting and Binding
Puncture Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalPuncture Shop
Real Estate in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalReal Estate
Rice Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalRice Shop
Roofings in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalRoofings
Saloon in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalSaloon
Shoe, Bag and Tailoring Materials in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalShoe, Bag and Tailoring Materials
Sound Service in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalSound Service
Sports in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalSports
Stationery Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalStationery Shop
Sticker Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalSticker Shop
Super Market in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalSuper Market
Tailor in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalTailor
Tax Consultant in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalTax Consultant
Temples in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalTemples
Tiles Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalTiles Shop
Timber Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalTimber Shop
Two Wheeler Dealers in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalTwo Wheeler Dealers
Two Wheeler Service in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalTwo Wheeler Service
Tyre in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalTyre
UPS & Inverters in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalUPS & Inverters
Vegetable Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalVegetable Shop
Vessels & Utensils in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalVessels & Utensils
Waste Paper Mart in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalWaste Paper Mart
Watch and Clocks in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalWatch and Clocks
Wedding Cards in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalWedding Cards
Welding Shop in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalWelding Shop
Wood Works in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalWood Works
Xerox in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalXerox
Yoga and Meditation in and around Chennai/PalavanthangalYoga and Meditation

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